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Motitech UK Ltd

Motiview - a motivational tool that helps older people and people with dementia to be more physically active

Despite the well known benefits of physical activity, an overwhelming majority of older people in England do not meet the minimum physical activity levels needed to maintain their health.

Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates older people and people with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active. Using an exercise bike, video and sound, the users can take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and childhood memories. Our growing video library facilitates bringing memories back to life and inspires through the combination of sensory impression and physical activity.

Motiview is well established in the Nordics and the benefits have been documented through several projects; Improved mobility; Fewer falls; Faster rehabilitation; Increased appetite; Reduced obesity; Reduction in aggressive behaviour and medication; Better sleep; Less pain; Improved well-being; Encouraging for carers and family. Motiview is now piloted at 25 sites in England in a project funded by Sport Englands Active Ageing fund. The project aim to reduce inactivity and improve wellbeing by using Motiview.

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