Paul Gaskell

Runwood Homes

I began my career as a mental health nurse in 1984, and have worked in nursing and social care ever since. Since then, I have enjoyed a variety of nursing and management roles in support of young people, adults and older people in different settings. These include residential care for young people with sensory impairment, residential care for adults with a learning disability, nursing of older people with dementia and residential care for older people. I have experience within a variety of different sectors: the National Health Service, charitable organisations, private sector and Local Authority. I believe this range of experience has given me the ability to bring about meaningful and sustained improvements for our residents.

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Dignity for everyone, every day – actions speak louder than words

This seminar offers an insight into making Dignity in Care a living, breathing reality. Dignity is a concept we will all see in a different way. What does it actually mean? What does it look like, and sound like? How do we enable entire staff teams to critically reflect, challenge every aspect of their approach to care, and bring about real life meaningful change together?