Exhibiting at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo

Ageless Innovation/Joy for All Companion Pets

Ageless Innovation is a global company devoted to developing fun and engaging products for older adults. Beginning with the award-winning line of Joy for All Companion Pets, Ageless Innovation is focused on creating products that promote fun, joy and play while reducing the cost of care and creating meaningful connections for older adults, their families, and caregivers.

About Joy for All Companion Pets:
• Joy for All Companion Pets are life-like, animatronic, interactive pets which are uniquely designed to provide meaningful experiences for aging loved ones and their families.
• Developed with extensive input from older adults, Joy for All Companion pets look, sound and feel like real pets - without the responsibilities of pet ownership.
• The insight that older adults wanted an interactive, two-way companionship, and pets that could give love and receive it influenced the design of the Joy for All Companion Pets. This unique design is what sets the Pets apart from other products in the marketplace.
• Built-in sensors allow the Companion Pets to respond to your presence and touch and allow them to react to their environment. The Companion Pet Cat features VibraPurr mimicking the feeling and sound of a realistic cat purr and the Companion Pet Pup features built-in BarkBack™ technology responding to voices with playful puppy-like sounds.
• Since the product line launched in 2015 with the Companion Pet Cat, the product line has proven to have a positive impact on the loneliness and isolation in those living with forms of cognitive decline.

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