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Arterne CIC: Enriching the next generation

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Arterne CIC employs Registered Mental Health Nurses striving for outstanding care and support within care homes and community organisations. Arterne CIC has a proven track record in supporting care homes with CQC compliance and aims to improve quality and safety for residents. Arterne can be commissioned as a guidance leader for care services that require help and support. Arterne will ensure that service users are receiving the best kind of care and that the facility is meeting everyone`s needs. Commonly, care homes contact Arterne when they are in serious need of improving their service.

Arterne 2 Nurse Limited is a nursing agency focussed on supporting businesses in delivering good quality mental health care. We recruit Registered Mental Health Nurses to work on a temporary basis and offer shift cover, part time and full time work.

Arterne CIC also delivers many projects :

Operation Snow was founded 4 years ago to initially help families at Christmas who were on a low income, on their own, or homeless people. Arterne CIC Director Cindy Willcocks originally developed this idea after volunteering at a local church on Christmas day the previous year (2014). Cindy wanted to encourage the Christmas spirit and share the concept of unconditional love.Following this, Arterne have created the hashtag #notjustforchristmas. By this, it enables individuals who are less fortunate to receive support and care throughout the whole year round. This promotes them to stay healthy and well, especially with operation snow who can try and provide the items and facilities needed to maintain the healthy lifestyle. Arterne CIC have recently opened an Operation Snow shop which supports the local community and all monies raised through shop sales will go towards continuing and building Operation Snow.

Platform 50 is a young women`s coaching and mentoring project founded and led by Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC. The project strives to help people be the best version of themselves that they can be. Equally, it aims to increase self-confidence and self-esteem, and reduce the impact of the internal dialogue that we can experience which can create self-doubt and stop us from achieving the things we want to do. Platform 50 can support women through a number of different situations and conversations which enable them to lead a healthy, happy life and make good choices that impact positively on their mental and physical health. Platform 50 is supported by a group of volunteers from all walks of life, who meet with young women aged between 16-25. There is no exclusion criteria for accessing Platform 50 and nor is there a waiting list, which means women can get immediate support through Platform 50. However, where there is an identified need of a young women that may need specialist help, the information about how to access the right support is provided. Platform 50 also supports the volunteers who are supporting young women by offering coaching/mentoring/training in order to ensure they feel supported.

SEA-ing Changes was co-founded in 2017 by Arterne CIC and Beach Schools South West. SEA-ing Changes can help to support families who may be wanting to improve and maintain positive mental health within the family unit, as well as focusing on educational and environmental factors. Arterne CIC and Beach Schools South West work in partnership to deliver activity based group work on the beach as a six week psycho-educational programme focusing on mental health promotion to support challenges at home or at school, through family based intervention. A full term arrangement to support families and young people is also available and can be supported by individual work where required.

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