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CCI Credit Management Ltd

CCI Credit Management Ltd is the world`s leading debt recovery agency.
CCICM remains at the forefront of UK and international commercial and consumer collections after 35 years.
Clients include major health, social care & Higher Education bodies, governments and their departments, multinationals, lenders, public utilities, & many SMB/Es.
All public, private and third-sector clients receive the highest-quality service globally and we are frequently selected as a provider because we are both effective and present zero reputational risk.
We specialise in recovering high-value commercial accounts - litigating where necessary - as well as lower-value consumer debt, both in the UK and 130 other countries.
Clients also benefit from CCICM being the founder, owner, operator, and exclusive UK member of the International Credit Exchange (ICE) - the world`s leading, largest, and most compliant network of collection agencies.
We offer a bespoke service tailored to clients` individual needs. You enjoy the highest possible recovery ratios due to our flexible approach, coupled with specialist teams of expert collectors, negotiators and litigators.
We offer a `no-win no-fee` pricing model around the world and our rates are highly-competitive. There are no set-up fees or hidden costs. Payment rates are agreed openly in advance. We always offer the best value-for-money solution.
CCICM recovers from a variety of sectors, including:
• Health & Social Care
• Financial Services
• General Insurance
• Credit Insurance
• Trade Debt
• Freight
• Manufacturing
• Tourism
• Publishing
• Utilities
• Construction
• Education
• Leasing
• Trade Associations

Individual clients or organisations owed overseas commercial debts are delighted to hear CCICM recovers even more internationally than the many millions from UK debtors. Typical account values range from £100,000 up to £100 million.
High-value, cross-border claims can be complex and expensive with serious adverse cost implications. Decades of experience have taught CCICM that a `one size fits all` approach rarely works.
Collecting international debt presents a unique set of challenges. Different jurisdictions, time zones, languages, currencies, cultures, and regulatory regimes all make international collecting far more complicated than domestic.
By far the best way to overcome these difficulties is to have a local presence like our ICE network.
Wherever you need local expertise, CCICM can deliver an unrivalled ability to trace and collect worldwide. Our network has 3,000 people in 90 partner offices and in 130 countries.
You are assured the ICE solution is always the best available in each country. Our network is comprised exclusively of the largest and most highly-regarded agencies.
To guarantee excellence, compliance, and so maximum prospects of recovery, every partner is rigorously selected - put through thorough due diligence, audited, and performance-monitored. Each works to the highest compliance standards from a centralised IT platform. Early-stage collections are made from our award-winning, multi-lingual, call centre in the UK.
Many organisations invite CCICM to be an extension of their credit control function. Frequently they ask us to use a `soft touch` and simply bring the outstanding accounts up to date, while enabling the trading relationship to continue as normal.
Whatever impasse has caused a breakdown in your communication, our collectors` role is frequently that of a mediator to find a solution. Quite often, our intervention helps resolve whatever problem existed, strengthens your client/customer relationships, and enables the future flow of business.
Clients` often complex commercial and consumer disputes can be resolved by CCICM`s highly-trained team of skilled-negotiating collectors, using sophisticated strategies. They understand the difference between a customer `buying time,` and one with genuine issues to resolve.
In particular, according to the circumstances of each client account, they understand escalating the intensity of the arrears collection process. To recover your consumer debts out of office hours, for example evenings and weekends, our collectors also work a multi-shift system. We use multi-channel communications, and even offer multiple payment options such as self-completing, global, online repayment plans.
By now, CCICM is the undisputed healthcare collector, with 80% of UK NHS trusts, health boards and private hospitals as our clients. In the Higher Education sector, we act for many universities and colleges, recovering loans, tuition fees, and accommodation debts from resident and overseas students.
In short, securing your payment in advance of other competing creditors, is our aim.
CCICM has worked in partnership with major, global trade credit insurers for many years, so we know this work is rarely straightforward. Our solutions range from financial restructuring, charges over property, expert reports, negotiated settlements, or litigation funding.
Clients can pursue legal claims globally using CCICM`s litigation service. We manage your whole case from Issue through to Enforcement, maintaining a positive, personal dialogue to substantially increase recovery ratios.
For high-value cases, we can arrange no-win no-fee, pre-funded Litigation Funding. In April, we appointed our first senior in-house legal counsel to manage such corporate cases, especially insolvency, re-structure, and turnaround.
Both CCICM and ICE are also renowned for:
• Asset Searches, Investigations & Recovery
• Modern, Legal & Ethical In-House Tracing; and
• 24/7 Online Account Management.

Both your data and reputation are safe with CCICM because we never compromise on quality. Our data systems are fully-secure and in accordance with ISO 27001. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 approved. We subscribe to all of the highest best-practice standards and deliver these worldwide.
We are also active members of, and fully compliant with, our industry`s ultimate bodies - the FCA, CSA & PCI - and hold the Investors In People Gold Award.
CCICM adheres to the Treating Customers Fairly policy, especially vulnerable people with mental health and/or financial issues.
In 2018 the NHS Information Governance programme re-certified CCICM as the only debt collection agency since 2015 to be lawfully entitled to handle NHS patient data. This proves our compliance, governance, and data protection - including new GDPR - policies and procedures are still by far the best.
Clients benefit hugely from our bespoke, easy-to-use, but advanced online account management and customer payment portal. Credit managers of several leading banks and multinationals recently stated that its real-time information, query management, and tailored reporting attributes make it the best system they have ever encountered.
So, for all your debt recovery needs - UK and international, public, private and third-sector, as well as consumer and commercial - CCICM is the world leader!

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