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Fulcrum Care Ltd

Fulcrum is a dedicated care home management support service set up to assist care home operators and their management teams. Our team of experienced care home management professionals are at hand to provide support and guidance whether on regulation, management issues, operational matters or anything else relating to the management of management of care homes. Our Operations Specialists consists of care home managers, area managers and operations managers who have worked with small to large care home groups. Our Support Specialists consist of former heads of Finance, human resources and marketing from the care sector. Essentially, Fulcrum provides support for your local care home management team and area management teams on the phone, online and through visits to your care homes.

Fulcrum either supports your existing team by looking after `overflow` of support requests to your organisation or by providing a fully outsourced care home quality assurance facility. You'll have your own dedicated Care Manager, someone you know and trust, who works just as if based in your area. Briefed by you on your business, your Care Manager will quickly get to know your management team and how you like to work. You will have

* One person who knows you, your business and your manager(s) well. Backed up by a senior manager who will cover for your Care Manager when he/she is unavailable
* Scalable support when you need it: provider information returns, policy reviews, survey analysis, quality audits, action planning, etc
* Management cover - online and in home - for holidays or sickness
* A combined business continuity and quality assurance plan for your business

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