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Hello Telecom (UK) PLC

As an experienced telephony provider to healthcare we understand the requirements within your healthcare establishment. This has allowed us to develop a powerful, award-winning hosted telephony system that will transform your efficiency, security and safety within your healthcare institution.

Updating your phone system to Hello Telecom will future-proof your telephony and give you access to features that simply aren`t available through traditional phone systems. Hello Telecom, provide a hosted service meaning that it will run on your already installed broadband which will save you money on costly line rentals.

Gain features like;

Mobility - We have a wide range of hardware to help aid safety and efficiency within your healthcare establishment. We can provide you with Wi-Fi or DECT phones to allow free movement with the handsets to ensure staff can be contacted wherever they go.

Centralised call answering/reception - Where required you can operate a central reception point. This can assist pressured staff and ensure a consistent level of service is provided to callers.

Plug and play handset - With Hello you can unplug and use your work phone anywhere there is an Internet connection. This means that you can easily work from home or another site location.

Flexible growth - As your healthcare establishment/s expands your telephony can grow to accommodate the new members.

Call analysis - You are able to analyse call data to improve resource management and investigate call-related issues.

Time of day routing - Gain control over your activities by routing incoming calls to different users depending on the time of day or day of the week.

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