Exhibiting at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo

Informed Dementia Care

Its well trained staff that will make it feel like home.

Some care homes have hoist and baths that get into more positions that a curcus arobat some are new buidls some are converted churche or maor houses.And although you may work in a care home there is a good chance that the person living with dementia dose not. They live in a building and the building becomes how it makes yTHEm feel.
in a posh home they may wonder hoe long the hiolday willm last Teeel the captin i want to get off at the nex stop. some will try find thie role and may reconstuct an old employmet experiance. they might use a knif to peel off the walpaer or try to unscre the doors. each wold is uniqe to that indivdual. and the staffresonses can amke it better or worse. there are many types of Dementia training staff can only do what they know. and whils Elearning has its advantiges it will not turn up late. you kan not ask it a qusetion it selom inspires were as face to face traing can inspire aswe qustions share expoerinces.

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