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MLL Telecom Ltd

MLL Telecom is an established UK Independent Service Integrator, providing network deployment, monitoring and support services since 1991. Originally established to provide backhaul services for mobile phone operators, the same engineering rigour is applied to our public sector customers. In particular rigorous project management and testing of new services that are replacing existing mission critical networks. This will be key to the success of the transition from N3 to HSCN where loss of service is similarly unacceptable.
MLL Telecom has actively contributed to the supplier engagement programme to develop the design and standards for HSCN. A key part of the engagement was to ensure the requirements do not put an unreasonable burden on SMEs like MLL Telecom. The outcome of this is a set of design principles and obligations based on current best practice for public sector networks that will deliver network services which meet the needs of the Health community and offer a level playing field for any company that has achieved HSCN accreditation.
MLL Telecom is a HSCN Stage 2 accredited telecoms supplier and was the first organisation to connect a customer to the Health and Social Care Network. We are an approved supplier on the RM3825 Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).
We can now confidently offer a complete range of HSCN compliant connectivity services nationwide. We have special offers for GP`s, Pharmacies and small networks. We also have market leading network propositions for COIN`s, Trusts and CCG`s. We have a complete range of HSCN compliant connectivity services in our catalogue which can be procured directly from us or through direct award through the RM1045 framework and RM3825 DPS.
MLL Telecom delivers its HSCN compliant connectivity services using wholesale carrier layer 2 circuits from a range of Carriers including BT, Virgin Media, SSE, Vodafone and Talk Talk Business to provide complete national coverage. MLL Telecom has a number of Local Points of Presence (PoPs) and can create new PoPs where this can deliver greater value. We can also use microwave links using our own licensed spectrum. Regardless of the underlying connectivity, the service presented at a site is the same.
MLL Telecom can also offer a range of additional services including:
• Firewalls
• Remote Access
• Voice/video/UC
• Cloud connectivity including Microsoft Expressroute and AWS

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