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Plan 2 Care Recruitment Ltd

Quality, Focused, Dedicated, Supporting, Person-centred, Caring, Passionate, Driven, Enthusiastic, - Are just some of the factors I look for when candidates approach Plan 2 Care

Plan 2 Care Recruitment Ltd works directly with Health and Social Care Providers in supporting them with any Recruitment needs they have, using many platforms to advertise and with our dedicated team you will be assured quality profile matched staff being sent to you for interviews.

The Process
* Plan 2 Care recruitment is only focused upon Health and Social Care
* Plan 2 Care takes the specifics of the job position you have and exposes over many platforms
* Plan 2 Care works directly with all its candidates (Before - During + After Interview)
* Plan 2 Care works in a timely manor but never losses focus upon providing quality
* The process is cost effective long term and allows you to focus upon other aspects of the business knowing you will only be sent quality and specific candidates matched to your credentials

The Reason
* The people we support in our homes need continuity a familiar face and staff dedicated to be person centred and 100% focused on the delivery of quality support every day.
* Outsourcing Staff to cover shifts and fill a gap in our monthly rotas can eat our budget.
* Having a stable staffing team enables a positive, fun, working relationship with co-workers but also the people support thrive from this energy.

Plan 2 Care works with (Businesses) & (Candidates) for the people in your homes.

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