Exhibiting at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo

Quality of Care Ltd

We help care homes set and receive the right fees.

If you think your number 1 priority is to deliver the care your residents` need, think again.

If day-to-day you face a myriad of issues and challenges that fill your time and take you away from making sure your care home and people are meeting the needs of your clients, then you haven`t got your number 1 priority right.

Delivering the care your residents` need should of course be your number 1 aspiration. But to realise this aspiration, your number 1 priority must be altogether different.

Get this number top priority right and your care home can work without your daily intervention, it can be rated `good` by CQC, it can be financially strong, and your residents can receive the care they really need.

Come and see us on Stand D975 to see what your top priority should be, how we can help you achieve it and how from there we can help you establish the successful care home you want, that delivers the quality care your resident`s need.

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