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SI Ltd (Care Property Bond)

CARE PROPERTY BOND - A UNIQUE FUNDING SOLUTION FOR CARE FEES. Shaw Insurance have designed the Care Property Bond for elderly homeowners who need to raise additional finance to contribute to the cost of care in a Residential Care Home. It is an alternative to the sale of the elderly person's home. It is an alternative to the sale of the elderly person's home in the open market to raise cash. When a family is under time pressure to make decisions, the Care Property Bond is a convenient way to raise money to finance residential care in any Registered Care Home.

The main purpose of the Care Property Bond is to use the customer's home to raise much needed finance for Care Home fees and to allow the customer to pass on the net equity in the property after some of the equity has been used to pay Care Home fees.

The Care Property Bond also preserves the possibility of passing the property back to the customer or the next generation, which is often the objective of the family. The Care Bond pays a monthly sum tax-free to a Registered Care Home for the entire life of the customer which is needed to top up the the customer's income from pensions and any investments.

A unique feature is that the elderly homeowner does not pay in cash upfront for the Care Property Bond or for the charges of Shaw Insurance. The customer pays in "kind". The customer's property is swapped for the Care Property Bond. The property is then mortgaged, renovated where necessary, and rented out. The rent is used to meet the interest on the interest only mortgage and other outgoings concerning the property.

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