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Spark Response

Spark Response are experts in care sector customer service and reduce the number of missed new bed enquires. The empathy and warmth of our award-winning customer service agents lends itself perfectly to dealing with the sometimes-difficult conversations with relatives and loved ones.

Here`s a more detailed list of what we do for our care-sector clients; handle all calls and answer calls as the name of the specific home that has been called (calls are redirected back to homes overnight), log all sales enquiries onto the clients CRM (care requirements, contact details, etc), warm (or cold) transfer sales enquiries to the designated personnel and filter calls that do not require a transfer (recruitment, media requests etc).

These services can help to benefit your business by; improving speed of answers and answer rates (the more enquiries captured the less calls are lost to competitors), giving you a consistent dependable approach with all sales enquiries (an excellent customer experience equals more conversions), assurance that all queries are entered on to the CRM to ensure no enquiries are lost and occupancy is improved, comprehensive reporting to provide complete visibility by home and enquiry type (ability to monitor contact types, home performance and conversion achieved by home), filter calls to remove unnecessary contacts to the home so there can be more focus on sales enquires and warm transfers ensure that sales enquiries are only passed to the home when there is appropriate resource onsite and free to handle the enquiry, leading to improved conversion rate and customer experience.

We provide outsourced customer service for some of the most reputable care providers in the sector. Beverley Macauley, the Sales & Marketing Project Manager at Barchester Healthcare summarised Barchester`s experience with Spark:

`Barchester Healthcare has been delighted to have worked with Spark Response for a number of years now as they provided support to our homes as the first point of contact when someone is looking for care.

Searching for a care home is clearly such an emotional time for all those involved and we (Barchester) needed to be sure that every call that was received was treated with the very highest standard of customer care and understanding. The dedicated Barchester team based within Spark provide the very highest level of person centred care to all those families calling our homes and they frequently go above and beyond to ensure they receive the very best attention. Also, by ensuring that other calls that homes may need to handle are re-directed to alternative areas of the business allows our teams within the home to focus on providing exceptional care to all residents living with us and to supporting their families.

The account management offered by SPARK has been second to none. They continually explore different and more efficient ways of working - continually looking for ways that we can perhaps improve the customer journey. Their desire to truly make a difference to our customers has been extraordinary and incredibly re-assuring. In summary, thanks to the senior team within SPARK and our dedicated team within the call centre, we have always known anyone who contacts one of our homes and speak to our dedicated team is in very safe hands.`

We would love to help your care business to grow with our customer service and welcome you to visit our stand (D862) at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo on 26th and 27th March 2019! In the meantime, please feel free to visit to find out more or ask for a quote.

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