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The Wayback

Award winning virtual reality films for people living with dementia.

The Wayback is a virtual reality film series designed to trigger memories and spark conversations for those living with dementia, their carers and loved ones. The 360-degree films immerse the viewer in incredibly detailed, recreated, positive moments from the past - which evoke the feelings that went with them - in order to create positive connections and conversations in the present. Using simple technology, our ambition is to share these films with as many people living with dementia as possible, their carers and families, helping them to remain connected to the people around them and maintaining their identity.
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The Wayback films are unlike any other kind of virtual reality film. Each one is the product of countless hours of research and `memory sessions` in care homes. This groundwork ensures that every scene is filled with thousands of details that will trigger different memories and emotions for everyone old enough to have been there. We continually find that it`s the small, generic details that evoke the strongest memories.
For example, in our pilot 1953 film, all of the food and drink on the table in the film came from our memory sessions; happy recollections abounded of fish paste sandwiches, jelly and ice cream, pilchards and Mackesons Stout. Another interviewee even sang us a selection of skipping songs and these too can be seen in the final film.
For healthcare providers and facilities that cater to the elderly and dementia patients, we believe VR technology can help address the quality of life and coping challenges that this patient population faces. It can offer one solution that leads to happier, more engaged patients and satisfied families and caregivers. Reminiscence is already widely used for people living with dementia but we believe The Wayback will be welcomed as another vital tool. The user technology is very simple incorporating a handheld smart phone and a simple cardboard VR viewer.
The Wayback will be a memory bank of moments through the decades. Evocatively recreated films detailing shared positive moments from the past.

`When we shared it with residents for the first time, you could visibly tell that they were being flooded by emotion; smiling and laughing at happy memories of familiar times. Dementia can leave you feeling unsure about every situation you find yourself in, but being immersed in familiar moments, when the dementia didn`t exist, such as watching the Coronation on a black and white TV, seemed to instill a feeling of certainty and security in our residents.`
Charlie Hoare: Managing Director of Huntington House and Langham Court

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