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A smarter way to onboard new hires

Remove the need for manual, slow and error prone onboarding processes via a secure cloud solution.

For many hiring teams in the care sector, onboarding relies on contracts being posted, emails sent and phone calls made. The information collected will usually have to be manually entered into spreadsheets and HR systems.
It creates a slow, inefficient and frustrating process - particularly for the new hires. Our global study found that 39% of employees encounter problems during the onboarding stage, causing 15% to drop out.

The longer the onboarding process takes, the higher this drop-out rate is liable to be. In such a competitive recruitment environment, the care sector simply can`t afford to be losing out on chosen candidates in this way.

Webonboarding helps with:

- Reduced admin and paperwork - streamline the onboarding process
- Faster new hire onboarding - save time and speed up the onboarding process
- Digitally signing contracts of employment
- Onboarding reporting - track where your hires are in the process
- Employee experience - engage earlier with new hires

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