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Hoopers International Probate Genealogists


In recent years, Hoopers has become the preferred choice of genealogists for the Care and Nursing Sector.

Our extensive experience with this sector has taught us that each Care and Nursing Home has a unique demographic, and as such faces its own individual challenges and pressures.

We believe the secret of our success is that we don`t offer a `set in stone` service - we prefer to meet with each individual Care and Nursing Home to discuss your needs and concerns, and endeavour to adapt our working methods in accordance with your priorities.

Are you working with a reputable genealogy company.

Probate-related genealogy is a profession which is not governed by any official regulatory body, despite the claims of some companies who are in fact self-regulated. As such, we recognise the vital importance of offering Local Authorities the assurances they require to allow them to refer to us.

For almost a century, our code of conduct has been simple but effective: to treat all next of kin with the utmost care, respect and sensitivity. All Hoopers employees who visit family members are highly trained and experienced in the profession, and have been Enhanced DBS approved. Every member of staff is salaried and receives no additional commission-based incentives.

If you already use the services of one or more firms of genealogists, you may wish to consider referring a proportion of cases to Hoopers on a trial basis as part of a rotation arrangement.

We guarantee you won't be disappointed with our work, and we're happy to provide references.

We have achieved ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management and ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management.

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