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Vexo international (UK) Ltd

Fed up with heating complaints from residence and their family members ? Always have the expense of calling out contractors who never really solve the issue? Did you know, in most cases this is due to dirty water In your heating pipes and radiators? Vexo have innovated the X-POT; a global, industry leading and award winning product that can be simply installed (just a morning's work for your local contractor). There after the X-POT takes literally only 10-15 minutes to service and maintain every 3 months by a DIY skilled really is that simple! We also provide non-hazardous and environmentally friendly additives (no expensive downtime flushing required), which can be added via the X-POT and will restore your heating system's performance, saving both OPEX and CAPEX budgets, lowering the Co2 emissions and gas usage of the property, as well as providing a longer life cycle for your heating...and most of all IMPROVING YOUR HEATING RELIABILITY, RESIDENCE COMFORT AND MAINTAINING YOUR GOOD REPUTATION.

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