Grace Meadows

Music for Dementia 2020

Grace Meadows is the Programme Director for Music for Dementia 2020, a national campaign in the UK to ensure everyone living with dementia has access to music. The campaign came to life following the publication of ‘What would life be - without a song or dance, what are we?’ A report from the Commission on Dementia and Music, in January 2018.

Grace joined the campaign in 2018, having previously worked for the British Association for Music Therapists. Alongside this, Grace is a music therapist for the National Health Service working with children and families in an acute London hospital.

Outside of work, she plays contrabassoon and bassoon with several London amateur orchestras and has recently started learning the cello. When she isn’t musicking, she loves snorkeling, swimming with sharks and reading.

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For people living with dementia, music isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity

Music for Dementia 2020 is a national campaign to make music available for everyone living with dementia. In this seminar we will be exploring how music can and does transform care, how you can introduce it into your work, and how you can play a vital role in supporting the M4D2020 campaign and ensuring everyone living with dementia has access to music.