Ian Spindley & Tom Dutton

CCI Credit Management

Ian Spindley: New Marketing & Communications Manager for CCICM, the world’s leading international debt recovery agency. Formerly a journalist, Ian now specialises in helping already-successful businesses build their brand to move higher. His background knowledge in Social Care & Health includes researching/presenting a BBC Radio documentary about his late-father’s care with advanced Alzheimer’s, three series about controversial aspects of NHS treatments/funding, and one about ‘austerity’ cuts to local authority services.
Tom Dutton: CCICM’s hugely experienced Healthcare Manager, Tom is the company’s longest-serving employee with 20 years! He began collecting debts but, by now, has unrivalled sector expertise globally and is at the forefront of healthcare clients’ requirements - both NHS and private sector, in the UK and Overseas, and consumer and commercial. A highly-skilled negotiator, Tom often uses sophisticated strategies to help resolve complex inter-organisational disputes. CCICM is the only agency lawfully entitled to handle NHS patient data.

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Protecting Revenue Streams In An Integrated Social Care/Health System

Funding adult social care means where services are paid – either directly/indirectly, through integrated public, private, or third-way sectors, at home or in residential units – monies could become owed between organisations and/or their clients, residents or customers. . .and so debts may need recovering. Based in Wales, where the Welsh Government is funding social/healthcare integration transformation, CCICM has developed the most sensitive, sophisticated, and effective strategies to protect revenue streams, particularly involving elderly and dementia clients. . .