Matt Oakley


Matt has been fundamental in both introducing the Dechoker to the adult care sector which resulted in 7 lives saved in the the first 9 months, and in raising awareness of the issues faced by providers.

In the 2 years he has been involved with the sector he has visited hundreds of care providers and listened to thousands of care staff explain the challenges they face both preventing and managing choking.

Matt set the Dechoker the aim of saving 100 lives by 2022

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Managing Choking Risk

With more than 100 deaths every year in the Adult Care sector, choking remains both one of the biggest causes of unexpected death and the most frightening scenarios faced by care staff. Supporting the elderly and those with impairments such as Dementia, present their own challenges when it comes to both preventing and dealing with choking. Learn more about what causes choking, how to prevent it and what to do when it happens.