Rob Masson

The DPO Centre Ltd

Founder of The DPO Centre and with over 30 years’ of business experience, Rob is a veteran entrepreneur and thought leader who has been involved in delivering solutions and services to some of the world’s largest and most respected companies. He has advised a broad range of organisations on the most effective strategies to meet their goals and is an expert adviser on compliance with data protection regulations.
Rob founded The DPO Centre to assist organisations to identify how evolving data protection legislation will affect them, the steps they need to take to comply, and how when implemented well, compliance builds trust, confidence, loyalty and engagement.
The DPO Centre’s Data Protection Officers work with a wide variety of organisations managing personal data for patients, carers, health care professionals and employees for organisations in the healthcare, medical device and care sectors.

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The 5 key reasons why care providers need a data protection officer

Rob Masson, the DPO Centre’s CEO, will review the key data protection compliance issues affecting the care sector. The arrival of the Data Protection Act and the GDPR now supplements Caldicott and the updated NHS data security and protection toolkit. Rob will discuss the valuable role the Data Protection Officer now plays in managing compliance for organisations in the sector.