Zameer Nazarali

The Policy Company

Zameer has worked within the Employment law and HR industry over the past 13 years, being an Employment lawyer with a TWIST!

He has held different roles within organisations giving him a great understanding of the employment process from different perspectives. He has held the role of In-House Employment Lawyer, as well as having been in the front line as an HR Service Consultant.

He started his own business in the world of HR, being Simplify ER, and also entered the Care Industry through his second business, being the The Policy Company.

Zameer has worked with Care Organisations throughout his career, not only giving compliance advice on how to deal with employee issues, but also how to implement better employee engagement, using HR processes to maximise the performance of employees.

He is passionate about helping organisations within the Care Industry, which is facing some massive challenges in the present day.

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Employee Engagement in the World of Care – How to enhance employee performance in 2019

The importance of the Engagement of your Employees cannot be understated, especially in the world of the care industry. Zameer will take you through some of the areas of your employee processes that can assist you in getting better engagement with you staff – and better performance as a result.