Recruiting ex-offenders?


“With over 20% of the working-age population recorded as having a criminal record, there is a significant talent pool that organisations cannot afford to ignore. Many employers tend to be cautious about offering work to someone with a criminal record and some even operate blanket exclusion policies when recruiting. This approach is flawed. It results in a loss of talent that could add real value. At the same time it contributes unnecessarily to reoffending rates by those who cannot find work and, as a result, commit crime.” – says Dianah Worman OBE Chartered FCIPD Public Policy Adviser, Diversity, CIPD.

To help employers with their recruitment process, CIPD, Nacro and the Disclosure and Barring Service teamed up to create a guidance documents called ‘ Recruiting safely and fairly: a practical guide to employing ex-offenders’ which is now available here service/support-for- employers/recruiting-safely-and- fairly-guide- a-practical- guide-to- employing-ex- offenders/

This guide helps employers to establish when is a criminal record check required and it helps them determine which type of DBS check is applicable. It also gives advice on how to ask about criminal records and what to do if discrepancies are revealed. Using the advice given in this handbook employers could face the challenges of the currently stagnating labour market of the UK.




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