How Xenolyth helped Willow Park Healthcare


Willow Park Care Home is a 64-bed, purpose-built care home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. The home offers affordable, independent living in top class surroundings, through its residential, dementia and nursing care suites.

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“Accurate invoicing and cost control is vital. Linking Xenolyth to our accounts system automatically generates even the most detailed of invoices, giving us confidence that everything from multiple-source accommodation charges through to extras such as beauty salon or chiropody bills have all been fully accounted for.

With facilities including a bar, cafe, and beauty salon, plus many residents who are funded through multiple revenue sources, Willow Park needs a system that can cope with complex admin and finance requirements. Xenolyth was the ideal choice for owner Eric Dixon, giving him a real-time operational overview and full control.

It also helps us stay on top of staff costs, which is our biggest overhead. It handles detailed staff records, logging rotas, shift swaps, absences and lateness. It also records completed training, and flags up refresher dates so we never miss an important milestone. Planned and actual timesheets are recorded on the system, with the ‘actuals’ locked and exported to payroll at the end of the month.

It also holds all our residents’ data such as care plans, treatment and interactions so we can pull up detailed, accurate information, with a complete audit trail, whenever we need it.

Tracking and reporting on elements such as occupancy, individual room income and profit per bed per week means we always have a real-time handle on our profitability. And we can view, analyse and export all our information in a variety of formats and for a range of purposes – a very useful function that would take up hundreds of man hours if we did it manually.

As a management tool it’s invaluable. Having Xenolyth in place is like having an extra pair of very capable hands on the team, at a very affordable cost.

Basically, it takes care of all our cost management and planning requirements, leaving us free to get on with delivering high quality care to our residents.”

“Xenolyth understands our business because it was designed by experienced care home owner-operators who know all about the financial and operational pressures of running a successful home,”

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