New ‘Light your Night’ Initiative

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The initiative labelled ‘Light your Night’ was introduced earlier this year and has seen fall rates decline by 75 per cent since it’s commencement.

The scheme was developed after Ryan Moring, The Haven’s care home manager, analysed the data the care home had on the amount of falls that had taken place since the start of the year. After discovering that of the 136 falls that had taken place, Moring discovered that 50 per cent of the falls happened during the night. The care managers concluded that residents who awoke halfway through the night must have become confused and forgot to turn the light on or ring the alarm bell for assistance.

According to Age UK, more than three million people over the age of 65 suffer a fall that ends in injury or death. To put this into perspective, that equates to about six people every minute. Needless to say, reducing the amount of falls is a top priority for care home managers.

Rather than try to make residents with dementia remember to call for assistance when they wake up during the night, the Essex care home decided that it would be better to let the residents make the journey to the bathroom themselves.

The ‘Light your Night’ scheme aims to eradicate falls in the night by illuminating light switches, footprints, walking frames and toilets. The effect of doing so enables care home residents to navigate their way around their hallways, corridors, bathrooms and their own bedrooms to prevent falls during the night.  

Speaking on the scheme Moring said:

“The overall scheme has reduced falls by 75 per cent from this time last year. It has really, really worked; other care homes in the region have now taken it on board, we’re even part of governance called the ‘PROSPER project’ which is an Essex County Council quality and improvement initiative to reduce hospital improvement admissions in care homes.”

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