The Impact of going Digital in Care

Surrey Care Association today released a special report for residential and domiciliary care providers on the impact of going digital in care, the challenges facing care providers today, the CQC’s reaction to care going digital and a fundamental change in approach.

15 senior members of the association gathered across a roundtable on 26th October, which was sponsored by Cura Systems, to form this discussion and transparently share experiences.

“It’s been so useful to get around the table with everyone. We are proud to be continually working with our membership to evolve their processes and share best practice. We hope this white paper will be useful for all providers of social care nationwide.”

Erica Lockhart – Chief Executive – Surrey Care Association

Go to the Surrey Care Association’s website now to download the whole white paper.

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Surrey Care Association welcomes you to join the discussion going forward. If you have any questions, or would like to contribute to the debate please get in touch: