A healthcare recruitment crisis?

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Last year it was reported that 35% of the healthcare industry had reported vacancies. With Brexit looming over the UK, it’s imperative that the issue with finding the right staff is urgently dealt with.

2018 should expect to see increased take-up of new standards for adult care workers. It’s important that we hear the voice of care providers, as making sure that finding skilled nursing staff is vital to maintaining high quality care and support.

Shockingly, many care providers have been forced to close down several of their nursing homes in recent years. Due to nationwide staff shortages, private care homes are now required to compete with the NHS - who just happen to be struggling with recruitment themselves!

With the added pressure of Brexit, the migrant-labour-reliant healthcare industry is further compounded by the extra 70,000 care residents need to be accounted for in the next 5 years. Care providers are crying out for staff members to fill the void and help manage the crisis that is unfolding before their eyes. Even today, it’s been estimated that there are approximately 90,000 vacancies still available for social care jobs.

Of the 945 care home decision makers, who provided The Industry Report of Dementia Care & Nursing Homes with feedback, the general consensus displayed the current staff turnover rates to reside at an all time high. 86% of the feedback we received suggested that recruitment, retention and morale are without a doubt the biggest challenges for employers.

This can be attributed to generally having insufficient skill sets, which is absolutely fundamental for the purpose of providing care and support. 79% of these respondents claimed that they would be open to outsourcing recruitment, provided that it would be more effective in the quality of staff hired and is offered at competitive rates.

If one issue continues challenging the social care industry, it’s the recruiting and retaining of the right people to fill the 90,000 vacancies available in the current market. With fewer candidates coming in from the EU, it will be crucial for the social care sector to attract experienced individuals, along with more younger people.

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