A unique emergency call solution?

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Installing a line needs organisation. The majority of the time, staff do not have the time to show an engineer where the line needs to be placed. Many contractors do not work over weekends which leaves limited options when installing a line. A solution that can provide immediate and simple set-up is needed.

Relying on a mobile phone to contact relatives sometimes proves problematic for care home residents. Mobile phones get misplaced and can prove somewhat difficult to use in some emergency situations. Moreover, time that is spent looking for the mobile phone is invaluable time that could otherwise be spent contacting a resident’s family. Every care home resident should have access to a system that enables them to contact family members as and when they need to.

Call Savers are part of the IMR Enterprises Group and specialise in bespoke solutions in telecommunications. We understand the importance of connecting care home residents with family members in an emergency, but also the importance of staff time restraints in a care home.

With a free landline phone and number in the resident’s room, there is the opportunity for a care home to make additional recurring revenue or create a resident’s welfare fund. There is no set-up charge, no long-term contract and just a fixed monthly rental. One Call will also set up a fund that will be donated back to the care home on a yearly basis to be spent on the residents.

For further information, visit www.onecalluk.org or Call 0800 0210182.