Jennifer Ivstam


After acquiring a bachelors in behavioural sciences, Jennifer has worked across the tech industry, including IBM, before becoming the European Head of Business Development at Noomi. Her approach has been to bridge the divide between the complex needs of care providers, looking at ways in which new innovations can help support direct care.

She has focused on developing systems which can add value to an organisation without reducing the overall quality and consistency of the care they provide. This is exactly the ambition behind Noomi.

Through the monitoring of both the acute and subtle changes of a person’s daily routine, Noomi works to provide primary caregivers with tailored alerts and health insights that allow them to recognise symptoms before they escalate, while responding to emergencies rapidly. Whether that be working to prevent and detect falls, or understand the daily behaviours of someone in care.

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Proactive healthcare using artificial intelligence

Noomi uses Artificial Intelligence to support a discreet, remote care solution. This talk investigates ways that AI can increase care provider efficiency, whilst improving care for the elderly. We will look at how new technologies can help determine the effects of a treatment over time. Looking at the importance of automated alerts in the case of dementia sufferers, demonstrating how this can be achieved in non-invasive and respectful ways.