Alison Murray

Care Quality Commission

Alison is a registered nurse, with many years’ experience in both the NHS and private sector. She has specialist qualifications in the care of older people and spent a number of years managing large nursing homes. Alison has worked in regulation since 2002. She worked with Bradford University to devise the Short Observational Framework for Inspection (SOFI), and led its implementation within CSCI/CQC. Alison then moved to work with the CQC Provider Relationship team, before returning to frontline operations.

Alison is currently Head of Inspection in London and takes the lead for dementia care within the CQC Adult Social Care Directorate.

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Beyond Barriers: meeting the care needs of older people

Most older people in England, particularly those with complex needs, will receive care at some time. Their experience of care will often depend on how well different services work together for them, their families and carers. In this seminar, Alison Murray will highlight key findings and challenges from the CQC Beyond Barriers and State of Care reports.

Alison Murray will be speaking in the following theatre:

Keynote Theatre - Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30: Beyond Barriers: meeting the care needs of older people