Andrew Baker

Able Training Support Ltd

Andy Baker is the managing director and head trainer of Able training. With a significant background in social care and psychology, Andy has witnessed first-hand an increase in the violent behaviour that many care staff are encountering on a day to day basis. Andy has been featured in documentaries on violence in care, been an expert witness in care related court cases and is acknowledged within practice notes for physical intervention standards within the care sector. He has an enthusiastic and engaging style that is loved by his course delegates and appreciated by the business managers and owners due to the way the training sticks in people’s heads as they approach their job.

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Reducing distress to reduce stress - How training can improve care

Staff retention is an ongoing issue in care. Reasons cited include stress, managing behavioural challenges and violence. Able training has been passionately teaching, Managing Behaviour that Challenges and Physical Intervention within the care sector for over 12 years. This seminar will discuss how training can improve staff retention by creating positive care strategies, altering staff perception of behaviour as well as skills for personal confidence and safety.