Anna C. Park

OM Interactive

After graduating with a First Class Honours from Leeds University, Anna worked in a group home for adults with LD and dementia before becoming a Day Services Social Worker in a Multi-Purpose Day Centre, running a programme of activities for older people, MH users and adults with LD.

She was instrumental in having the first interactive lightbeam/music system installed in a sensory room in her centre in 1996, completing a special study of the benefits as part of her Post Graduate Teaching Qualification.

Now a trainer and educator she is currently working as a Consultant for OM Interactive who are pioneers in the field of motion-activated projections, creating content for their systems and advising on product development. She passionately believes that technology can enhance person-centred care
by effectively removing a ‘them and us’ culture in care settings and providing inclusive multi-generational activities for all.

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Interactive Technology - Engaging activities for all generations

An introduction to the benefits and purpose of motion-activated surface projections. How do they help to support cognition, emotional wellbeing and physical health? How do they encourage social connectedness across the generations and what is current research revealing about their role in dementia care?

Anna C. Park will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 4 - Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30: Interactive Technology - Engaging activities for all generations