Aaron Ingham

The Abbeyfield Society

I have been with The Abbeyfield Society (TAS) 2.5 years after coming from a domiciliary care background. During my time with TAS I have predominantly worked in the sheltered housing sector but have worked closely with our head of dementia innovation and dementia care and innovation is something I am extremely passionate about.

I am a member of our EMBRACE panel which was developed to focus on positive ways we can make differences to people’s lives living with dementia. My particular area of focus in EMBRACE is the B for ‘breath of fresh air’ and to continue the fantastic work of this programme that won the prestigious LaingBuisson award for excellence. I recently changed my role within TAS to become our Dementia Projects Officer and will now be spending my time running projects and initiatives that will help our residents to continue living well with dementia

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Implementing Dementia Care Coaches in Care Homes

Over the last 12 months, the Abbeyfield Society has taken a fresh look at dementia care training. This presentation describes the process and impact of the implementation of an evidence-based coaching/education intervention (Brooker et al. 2015) on staff and residents.