Belinda Adams

SoupedUp Catering Care Software

Having a hospitality background, Belinda Adams has worked in care catering for nearly 20 years: in training, management, operational and advisory roles. A specialist in person centred care, and the brains behind SoupedUp, Belinda is a seasoned speaker and has a strong focus on creating solutions based technology.

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Does better healthcare depend on digitisation?

A decade ago, Australian care homes were clinical and hospital-like, offering a one choice menu produced by home-style cooks. The industry has since undergone rapid change thanks to media, government regulations and technology. Now, over 60% of Australian care homes use some sort of digital solution for resident menu management. What does this mean for UK care homes and how can you future proof your business using smart technology?

Belinda Adams will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 4 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: Does better healthcare depend on digitisation?