Caroline Baker

Barchester Healthcare

Caroline Baker (RMN, PGDip, MSc) is the Director of Dementia Care at Barchester Healthcare and works with a team of 7 specialists to support over 160 care homes that care for people living with dementia.

Caroline won a Lifetime Achievement award in Dementia Care in 2014 and is the author of Developing Excellent Care for People Living with Dementia in Care Homes along with several publications in nursing journals.

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10-60-06 Steps to Enhance Dementia Care

This Seminar will describe a dementia care programme that has been developed by Barchester Healthcare to enhance dementia care across their care homes within the UK. The presentation will outline how the programme was formed, some of the interventions within the programme, the training that accompanies the programme and the outcomes of some of the homes that have been accredited.