David Lockwood

Finders International

David Lockwood is an ex-local government officer with over 34 years’ service in four diverse local authorities. In that time, he was responsible for acting as Deputy decision maker under the court of protection, managing finances of clients who lacked the capacity to do so themselves.

He was also responsible for three local authorities’ statutory responsibilities to provide a funeral for those who died with no next of kin or no one willing or able to take on that responsibility. He is the former chair of the Association of Public Authority Deputies and has represented Local Authorities on national forums.

Having opted to take redundancy in the early part of 2017, David joined Finders international in May of that year and have been responsible for establishing and running development days for local authorities.

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Death and the unattached

What happens when a resident of a care/nursing home passes away and they have no known next of kin or anyone to take on funeral arrangements. What is the care home’s responsibility after the client has died? Who takes responsibility for the client and any estate? Who pays any outstanding bills? We outline the process and what happens when someone passes away.

David Lockwood will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 7 - Tuesday 11.45 - 12.15: Death and the unattached