Guy Ransom

Finn Geotherm UK Ltd

After completing his honours degree in Economics and Accountancy, Guy Ransom spent 20 years within the finance industry in London, including 4 years as Business Development Director for Citigroup Asset Finance.

His interest in industrial and commercial heating was developed in working with Honeywell and the building management company Johnson Controls, where he was European Director of Financing. For the past 10 years however, he has been instrumental in helping Finn Geotherm to become one of the foremost renewable heating companies in the UK.

Winning national awards for their commercial projects in such diverse buildings as stately homes, schools, churches, care homes and even a Premier League football club, Finn Geotherm have deservedly gained the title of The Renewable Heating Experts.

The company is now working closely with housing associations to reduce heating costs for their tenants, whilst delivering huge benefits to the associations via the RHI. Guy lives in Suffolk with his wife and 3 children.

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