John Ogie Sheehy


After a successful career at IBM and Dell in Europe and the USA, Ogie set up ViClarity in 2008 in his native Ireland. The focus of this innovation was born from frustration as a line and production manager in not being able to get up to date information on planned activities in the chain or activity. In a short space of time the company has secured a strong foot hold in two key sectors - health care and financial services compliance. It has designed and developed a highly innovative technological software solution to help bring visibility and clarity to all aspects of compliance.

ViClarity has secured a high-profile client base with private and public healthcare organisations in Ireland, the UK and the US using its innovative and easy to use technology solution. ViClarity was voted as the most cost effective product or service in the Irish Healthcare market in 2017 and the solution has been implemented into many Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Care and Homecare Facilities with differing cultures and regulatory environments.

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Innovating to survive and thrive: lessons from the Irish Healthcare Market.

Ogie will speak about the innovative use of technology across health and care providers in hospitals and private sector care organisations in Ireland and discuss the lessons learned from other sectors. The seminar will look at how healthcare organisations have automated their compliance and auditing processes and performance management activities, saving time, money while increasing accountability and transparency throughout the organisations.