John Plumridge

Curtis Plumstone Associates

John Plumridge is Managing Director of Curtis Plumstone Associates a firm which was established in 2009 specifically to help commercial property owners pay less tax. Since its establishment CPA has undertaken hundreds of “Capital Allowances Claims” helping commercial property owners pay substantially less tax. He is particularly proud of the number of care home owners who have benefited from their services. He freely admits much of the company’s success has been built on the technical expertise of his fellow Director Nick Johnson who was trained by Deloittes to work specifically in this complex area of taxation. When not in the office John likes to relax by playing golf and the guitar (not at the same time). Both of these activities he does with varying levels of success.

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Capital Allowances Claims – Maximising Tax Relief on Care Home Ownership

Buying, building and developing care homes is a costly business and represents a substantial investment for care home owners/operators. However the Capital Allowances Act 2001 enables those spending capital on these businesses to claim substantial tax relief. This seminar aims to simplify the complexities of the Capital Allowances Act to allow owner / operators to understand how they can obtain significant tax rebates and pay less tax going forward.