Jonathan Cunningham MBE

STORM Consultancy UK

Jonathan is an inspirational speaker on the delivery of OUTSTANDING social care. Jonathan''s expertise is crisis intervention, assisting troubled social care providers who have found themselves suddenly graded inadequate'' or ''requires improvement by the Care Quality Commission (CRC). Jonathan leads an amazing transformational team that drives action across the troubled care organisation. Jonathan is also the owner of Rosebank Care Home, one of the top 1% of providers graded OUTSTANDING by CQC. Jonathan most recently became Registered Manager of Birkdale Park Nursing Home and now experiences first hand the life of a Care professional within this role and everything that comes with it.

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Leadership & Inspiring Staff

Jonathan will discuss his experience as a leader within the care sector explaining the processes he takes to motivate his staff, the psychology behind it and the different type of leadership styles he implements to fit each staff members characteristics. Keeping staff happy is at the forefront of a successful care environment. WARNING: There will be a strong, exciting energy in this Seminar!

Jonathan Cunningham MBE will be speaking in the following theatre:

Keynote Theatre - Tuesday 14.45 - 15.15: Leadership & Inspiring Staff