Karolina Gerlich

National Association of Care & Support Workers

Karolina has worked as a care worker for the past nine years. Karolina has worked as a live-in carer, personal assistant, home care worker and has supported people in care homes.

Karolina joined NACAS in 2017 with a passion for educating the care industry and the society that care workers do fantastic work that deserves respect and recognition. She believes that care workers cannot be expected to provide care with dignity and respect when they do not receive it themselves.
Karolina hopes that by educating people from a young age that helping people gives a great feeling of joy and fulfillment and that care work is a career, we can improve the care industry and the way the society works as well.

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Well-being of care workers.

A seminar talking about NACAS recent survey on the well-being of care workers. The impact of work on mental health and lives of care workers. Looking at factors contributing to problems in care workers’ lives such as pay, working hours, contracts, lack of registration or respect and recognition.

Karolina Gerlich will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 7 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: Well-being of care workers.