Kevin Mooney

First For Energy Group Limited

Kevin is an energy consultant for First For Energy Group Ltd, he specialises within the care industry.

In 2017 Kevin was directly responsible for helping businesses in the care industry reclaim over £300,000 in over payments to energy suppliers. Kevin has built an excellent reputation within the care industry helping businesses manage their energy costs and understand a constantly changing industry. In a saturated market of energy brokers, our clients find it invaluable to have an experienced energy consultant within their industry.

As a company we are dedicated to finding the best available packages for our clients. We also provide help and advice to those who are in need of energy solutions even if they are not a client.

We also work closely with charities and non-profit organisations to ensure costs are kept at a minimum to ensure as much money is spent where needed and not on energy.

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The Rise of Energy Contracts — Why so high?

Every business in the care industry will have to pay for their energy, whether this is Gas, Electricity or both. Most of you will have energy as the 4th largest expense in running your company. We will breakdown energy costs, show what costs are forecasted to be in future years. We also want to show Owners and Procurement teams when in the year is best to negotiate their future contracts.