Lea Myyrylainen


M.Sc.(EE) Lea Myyryläinen has 20+ years of experience from various technology areas, such as medical devices, telecommunication solutions, smart buildings, and digital health.

She is a technology enthusiast and a professional that has a passion for new innovation with a human touch.

Last year Ms. Myyrylainen joined Gillie.io - an analytics company that focuses on artificial intelligence for healthcare as a CMO. Previous to Gillie.io Ms. Myyrylainen worked in various leading roles at Nokia Corporation and GE Healthcare.

Lea Myyryläinen received her master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.

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What can Artificial Intelligence offer to home care?

We at Gillie.io believe that artificial intelligence will change the healthcare. An artificial intelligence that analyses an elder patient 24/7 at home will notice even small changes in patient''s well-being. Just by letting AI to analyse the patient notes written by nurses and doctors, the AI will give the care organisation a real-time assessment of the elder patient’s state at home. It would be quite impossible for a human being to analyse such a vast amount of data. A self-learning AI with knowledge structures taught with real patient data will give essential information to the care organisation to help the patients live longer at home.

Lea Myyrylainen will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 6 - Tuesday 13.30 - 14.00: What can Artificial Intelligence offer to home care?