Luis Zenha Rela

Nourish Care

Originally from Coimbra, Portugal, Luis Zenha Rela is a law graduate with an MBA in International Business from Maastricht University. Following the completion of an internship at the international business development hub in Brussels, Luis met the CEO of Nourish Care, an innovative care and tech start-up, and decided to join them to conduct market research.

Luis has worked with Nourish Care from the beginning of the company and over the years has developed excellent insight into how care teams can be empowered through technology. Having now worked in the healthcare sector for five years, Luis has a specific interest in understanding how technology can enable better care provision, and how technology can be made accessible for all.

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The role of digital transformation in modern care delivery

Recent changes in the care sector have created the “if it is not written down, it did not happen” paradigm. Unfortunately, this has taken our focus away from the quality of actual care provided, to focus on the reported evidence. In this discussion, Nourish will explore how digital transformation can enable care teams to focus on the quality of care they are providing, while maintaining or even increasing the quality of reporting.