Lynne Omar

Cura Systems

Lynne is a HCPC registered healthcare professional with an interest in the implementation of technology in Health and Social Care settings. Lynne has worked as a university lecturer and researcher and is currently a Non-Executive Director for Health Watch Surrey, a hospice volunteer and a Senior Consultant for Cura Systems.

Lynne worked for many years in radiotherapy and oncology which is a very technical area of healthcare. During this time she was involved in the transition from paper based to electronic record keeping.

The published psycho-social research that Lynne was involved in, looked at barriers to behaviour change. These barriers are also applicable to the implementation of technology into health and social care settings. This interest led her to work as a Senior Consultant for Cura Systems.

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Times are changing – GDPR compliant technology in Health and Social Care

This presentation will discuss the expectations of Health and Social Care services and how GDPR compliant technology can be used to meet the required changes. Technology is a huge part of many people’s lives but as they move into care settings the benefits of technology seem to be left behind. How the aging population use technology and the connectivity between these users and their friends and families will also be discussed.