Mike Lambourne

Competitions and Market Authority

Mike Lambourne is an Assistant Director at the Competition & Markets Authority, the UK’s primary competition and consumer watchdog. He has been at the CMA (and its predecessor the Office of Fair Trading) for 27 years. Mike has worked in a variety of consumer protection roles including enforcement, policy and international liaison, covering diverse topics such as car hire, higher education, used cars and mass-marketed scams.  More recently Mike was part of the CMA’s market study team which undertook a year-long examination of the UK residential care homes sector to see how well it was working for residents and their families; amongst other things, the review found that some residents are at risk of being treated unfairly and recommended urgent action to reform the sector. Mike also led on the publication of guidance for care homes about their obligations under consumer law.

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Complying with consumer protection law – why it matters to your care home

The seminar will provide an essential introduction to what consumer law means for care and nursing home providers, following publication of the CMA’s guidance. The presentation will highlight the importance of treating residents and their representatives fairly and give practical insight into how to do this – such as what care homes need to do to when giving information to prospective residents, in drafting terms and conditions, and when handling complaints.

Mike Lambourne will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 6 - Wednesday 15.30 - 16.00: Complying with consumer protection law – why it matters to your care home