Moira Gelman

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Moira Gelman is a health and safety professional with a wealth of experience within a variety of sectors from food manufacturing, garment production, care homes, nursery schools, postal service and overseas experience within the oil and gas sector, pharmaceutical and bank note printing.

Moira has a legal masters in Health Safety and Environmental Law with a special interest in behavioural safety and education to save lives and quality of life from occupational accidents and ill health.

Moira was born in the UK but lived for 25 years in South Africa where she saw the death of a work colleague due to non-existent health and safety standards. It was this event that has influenced her career to give her a passion for her topic.

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Why do people do things they know they shouldn’t do.

A behavioural safety discussion based around the court case of R v Fresha’s bakery where 2 men died inside an oven. We will talk about the reasons and consequences of the actions that lead to these men taking a decision to do something that they knew they shouldn’t do. These reasons are usually the same regardless of the nature of the work.