Nigel Holmes


Nigel qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 and as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1998. Nigel advises both individuals and companies to uncover significant tax relief and tax refunds from their work from Capital Allowances, Research &
Development and the Patent Box. He was the nominee for Tolley’s Taxation, Tax Writer of the Year Award 2017 and post regularly through his blog, ‘Tax Talk’ to educate and advise anyone thinking of claiming these reliefs.

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Uncovering Tax Relief in your Care Home

This seminar will explain the often overlooked tax relief available to owners of care homes, an overview of the rules and the misconceptions, and how Catax can help owners obtain the tax relief available.

Nigel Holmes will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 5 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: Uncovering Tax Relief in your Care Home