Nuno Almeida, CEO & Founder

Nourish Care

Nuno Almeida is the founder and CEO of Nourish Care, designers of products for digital care co-ordination and care-management. Nuno holds an MSc in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and is focused on applications of data analysis for improving quality of care.

Nuno believes in the potential for carefully designed technology to improve how care is delivered, and is a vocal commentator on trends in social and health care. Nuno holds a firm belief that a combination of well-designed digital systems, internet of things and artificial intelligence can play a significant role in making health and social care systems more sustainable. More importantly, Nuno understands how technology can have a genuine impact on the quality of life for those who receive care.

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Digital Transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care

We hear about ‘data’ in care but what does that really mean? What impact can collating and analysing information have on quality of care? Founder of Nourish Care, Nuno Almeida, explores the importance of data through real life stories of care, showing how and why information can be so much more than compliance-led; and how, when used correctly, it can have an incredible impact on a person’s quality of life.

Nuno Almeida, CEO & Founder will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 4 - Tuesday 11.00 - 11.30: Digital Transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care