Rishi Jawaheer

Care Vision

Rishi has been a director of the Jawa Group for over 12 years. During his directorship Rishi has overseen many changes in the company, including the early adoption of sector-specific technology. Rishi’s role within the business is pivotal to the delivery of high-quality EMI care. Rishi is also the director of Namaste Care International, which promotes meaningful activity to dementia service users. Rishi is an active member of national care association and supports campaigns to highlight important issues facing the care industry to MPs and peers. We explore ways we can use technology to make work more centred around the service users from the carers perspective. Rishi has designed a solution built from the challenges of providing care and recording required information in real situations. As a dynamic young person with vast experience in the care industry, Rishi’s mission is to make care “Cool”.

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Shaping the Future of Care

Care Industry faces fundamental challenges in recruitment and funding. Whilst care regulations and expectations have increased, funding has remained the same. Care providers need to find new ways to engage local young people into care industry. We need to change the perception of care, as it is only negative stories that are portrayed in media. We need to change society’s view of care.

Rishi Jawaheer will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 6 - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: Shaping the Future of Care